| Birthday Fun, Movie Negotiations, and Charity
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22 May Birthday Fun, Movie Negotiations, and Charity

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It’s my Birthday Month, Yay!

That’s right, I’m turning another year younger! I’m going to be celebrating this Sunday at a cute speakeasy in Venice with live Salsa music and I would love for you to come! You can find the details HERE. I’m also celebrating the completion of a 21 day cleanse, and I’m happy to say that I successfully lost about 8-9 lbs and feel great! I suggest that everyone do a cleanse at least once a year to reboot your system, so let me know if you’d like more info about the one I did. :)
In acting news, I signed with a new theatrical agency at Jenny Stricklin Talent and we are already in negotiations for a new movie project! I will keep you updated as things are finalized.
To finish off I would like to share a GoFundMe Campaign that I set up for one of my students who was
recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her name is Anita, and she is one of my sweetest, loyalest
students and drives 6 hours to and from Lompoc, CA every weekend for dance rehearsal! If you would like to contribute, click the link above. Any little bit helps. :)
I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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