| Relaxation, Aliens, & Halloween Mazes
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27 Oct Relaxation, Aliens, & Halloween Mazes

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This month I spent a much needed relaxing few days visiting family in Northern Idaho. I guess I didn’t realize quite how over-worked I was, because I slept A LOT! I also had a really great massage which included craniosacral therapy. I was amazed at the drastic improvement I felt with just small micro-movements made on my skull! If you’ve been dealing with an injury I suggest you try it.


In Acting news, I’m happy to share that I booked a commercial! It’s for a company in Norway, and I played a second AD crew member and a Barbarella inspired alien and it was so much fun! :)


To finish off, and with Halloween right around the corner I know you’re probably looking for things to do, so I would like to suggest Urban Death in North Hollywood. It’s a Halloween maze that’s also a stage show, so it’s a little different than the rest. A friend of mine asked me to help him with a fun promo video for it, and I was definitely spooked! Whatever you decide to do, be safe and have fun!
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