| A Hairless Cat, a Home at Amazon, and Pregnant Salsa
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28 Feb A Hairless Cat, a Home at Amazon, and Pregnant Salsa

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This month was filled with ups and downs from a fun snow play weekend in Big Bear, to being rear-ended! Don’t worry, I’m ok! Even though my car was hardly damaged, I was surprised by the toll it took on my body. I walked away with a small cut on my forehead, a sprained finger, and neck and back pain, and it made me realize just how delicate we really are!


A lot of exciting acting news for this month! I shot a commercial for Sphynx razor, I played the lead in a new short film with an award winning script called “Rub the Speed“, and I got to play Wonder Woman for my first singing telegram! Very random, lol I know! Also… drum roll… “The Bride from Vegas” got picked up by Amazon! This was my first feature film that I also starred in with Golden Globe winning actress, Sally Kirkland, so I’m excited that it has finally found a home!


Finishing up, I wanted to share a video of my girl, Stephanie Stevenson, doing a salsa competition at 7 months pregnant and KILLING it! I watched this video right after my accident when I was feeling delicate and vulnerable, and it totally inspired me! We are only as strong or delicate as we think we are, and are actually capable of amazing feats. :)


See you next month!



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