| Bond Girl, Best Actress, and Passion
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01 Nov Bond Girl, Best Actress, and Passion

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I hope you had some fun Halloween plans last night. I’m still recovering from the whole weekend, lol! Please share what costume/s you chose to go with. I love to see how creative everyone gets during this time of year. Between gigs and Halloween parties over this weekend I was a pop art character, a vintage Burlesque dancer, a Bond girl, and an 80’s workout guru, lol!

In career news, this was a whirlwind month of everything from award shows, red carpets, and multiple avails and callbacks. I’m also so excited because I found out that I won the award for “Best Actress” in a feature film for the Bride from Vegas at the Glendale International Film Festival! The movie also won the award for “Best Feature Film”, and here’s an article from the Glendale News-Press about the wins. Unfortunately the World Choreography Award for Motion Picture went to “LaLa Land”, but I’m still so honored to even be nominated in the same category as an Oscar winning film, and the event itself was such a magical experience!

Finishing up, a Facebook friend recently sent me this video interview with Tom Bilyeu, who is known for his motivational content about turning your passion into a business. He’s basically saying that you need to consciously develop your passion from an interest, even if it’s a mild interest, because if you’re waiting for passion to show up all of the sudden, it may never happen, and the days, weeks, and years will slip away before you even know it. I feel like I tend toward this mindset, but I know other people who say, “It will come,” in regards to their own passion. What are your thoughts on this topic?


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