| A Plethora of Costumes & Film Festival News
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A Plethora of Costumes & Film Festival News


31 Oct A Plethora of Costumes & Film Festival News

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Happy Halloween!! I hope you have some fun plans for this evening. I’ve already worn  6 costumes this week for various performances & events, so I’m still trying to decide what I will wear for this evening. Check out the Harlequin costume I wore for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series 5K I did this past Sunday. It was my first time doing anything like this, and being able to dress up made it that much funner! I highly recommend it!


In Acting news, I’m really excited because auditions are starting to pick up this month, woohoo! I’ve gotten to play anything from a villainous madam to a teenager obsessed with social media, lol!
We have also gotten word that the Pomegranate Film Festival in Toronto, Canada wants to screen The Bride from Vegas at their event in November! It hasn’t been confirmed yet so I’ll keep you updated. :-)


To finish off, I wanted to share a hilarious video of cats & dogs wearing Halloween costumes. I do feel a little bad for them, but it’s just soooo cute I had to share!


Until next time, have a safe Halloween and try not to get too spooked!
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